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Brooklyn DA Nabs Killers in Vicious Cat Murder


The vicious teen killers apparently had nothing better to do: On October 7, Angelo Monderoy, 18, and Matthew Cooper, 17, broke into a vacant apartment at 1933 Union Street. There, they allegedly lured the helpless victim inside. Pinning the innocent to the floor, the duo squirted lighter fluid all over. Then the cowards lit a match.

Later that morning, the victim was found outside the empty apartment, crying and unable to move . Good samartians rushed the injured party to the hospital. It was too late. Due to severe burns, doctors had no other choice: They were forced to euthanize the poor kitty cat.

In a press release issued this morning announcing criminal charges agains the twisted teenagers, Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes cited the investigative work of the ASPCA in leading to the apprehension of Monderoy and Cooper. The pair  were charged with second degree arson, burglary, aggravated animal cruelty, and plain animal cruelty. It’s a criminal justice cocktail worth 25 years in the pen if the perps are convicted.

Sex and name of the victim have not been released.


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