Jim Cramer vs. Suze Orman: Who Do You Listen To?


Which of these two financial prognosticators do YOU heed: the disgraced yet still screeching Jim Cramer or the soothing yet often wrong Suze Oman? Didn’t both of them give us plentiful advice–buy, buy, buy–that helped get us into this mess in the first place? If so, why the fuck would we listen to them now?

Would you give any credence to someone who spells Kramer with a C or Suzie without an i? Do you trust a man who screams his guts out or a woman whose outfits scream even louder than that? Who can I turn to when the financial experts seem to be selling us bills of goods that are written in disappearing ink? Whose mouths do we put our money on–and not just to shut them up?

I guess I’ll go with Suzie without an i, but only by default.