Medical Headlines of the Day


Few Friends Combined With Loneliness Hurts Health For Elderly,” researchers at the University of Chicago find. “Heightened liking for sweetness has a biological basis and is related to children’s high growth rate,” says a University of Washington/Monell Center geneticist. “TV Show ER Goes Off the Air, but Loyola’s Emergency Room Continues to Save Lives,” the Loyola University Health System reminds us. “Depressed People Have Trouble Learning ‘Good Things In Life,'” Ohio State researchers found, in part through use of a “BeanFest” game featuring positive and negative beans; “non-depressed students correctly identified 60 percent of the positive beans” while “depressed students correctly classified only 49 percent of these good beans.”

Our favorite, from the American Psychological Association: “Contrary to Widely Held Beliefs, Romance Can Last in Long-Term Relationships.” But every rose has its thorn: “Those who reported greater passionate love in their relationships were more satisfied in the short term compared to the long term.” Photo (cc) laura nelson.



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