“Nightlife Always Gets Better in an Economic Crisis”


That’s the phrase I’ve been hearing even more than “Which way to the nearest window ledge?” Everyone keeps insisting to me that when times get tough, people start hanging from chandeliers and creating amazing nocturnal scenes worth leaving the house for, just because they need to let off steam and distract themselves from panic. That’s great–except I’ve been looking around for this reburst of hapless hedonism and only seeing the very same bars, dance clubs, and lounges as two years ago, when we had money!

Sure, people look a little more angsty, which might make them act up a litle more entertainingly, and yeah, most of them are holding onto their coats than checking them, and OK, very few are boringly springing for bottles of Grey Goose, but it’s basically the same old faces doing the same old shit at the same old creepy dives.

If I wait a little bit, will things loosen up and magically spring to life in clubland? Will the bright side of dire poverty be a fabulous party three times a night? If so, when already?

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