AIG Execs Protested, Hassled; Time for a New Outrage?


Small, animated crowds” gathered in dozens of cities to protest the AIG mishegas. Don’t they call these things tea parties? No, these events were cooked up by the SEIU service workers union, which predicted 10,000 would turn out nationwide, though they seem to have drawn smaller crowds than advertised. Also, tea partiers don’t protest banks — Rush told ’em not to, and their talking points now include fear for the lives of AIG executives. Actual slayings seem unlikely, though some AIGers have allegedly received death threats and the Connecticut Working Families Party intends to drive busloads of protesters around to executives’ homes Saturday to give them a hard time. Meanwhile AIG has started suing other companies instead of sharing their government loot with them. TGIF: we’re getting tired of AIG and look forward to the next corporate symbol of outrage’s turn in the dock.


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