Expectedly, Obama Kills on Leno


“In Washington, it’s a little like American Idol except everyone’s Simon Cowell” is pretty good. So’s the Special Olympics joke, which his opponents would probably praise as “politically incorrect” if it were being delivered by, say, Mel Gibson. So fuck those PC dorks. Obama explains his socialist agenda engagingly — his comparison of jacked-up credit card rates to exploding toasters, from which we need to be protected, will no doubt twist some knickers — and enabler Jay Leno, following up by comparing credit card companies unfavorably to Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life, will become an unperson among conservatives, who will vow to switch to “Nightline” in protest. Obama compared the bank stress test to a “diagnostic test — trying to use some auto language here” to please Leno, who didn’t need to be sold — he almost giddily admitted on cue that he has a hydrogen car.

Obama just rolled, you can tell from the tweets (“Im drooling hope i dont have dat spit on his dick dream about obama when i fall back 2sleep …shivers”). In the wrap-up he even knocked out some beefs about his swing-state NCAA picks and his political smooveness (re the family dog: “That was a campaign promise…”) It’s just a love-fest. But come on, everything can’t be gloom and doom. Transcript here.

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