Lou Reed Wants Bloomberg, Realtors “Jailed” for Sanit Plan


On March 1 our hero Lou Reed complained to New York magazine about the city’s plans to put a sanitation facility, including a garage and salt shed, at the corner of Washington and Spring Street, near his wife Laurie Anderson’s penthouse studio. The facility was approved almost unanimously by the city council over strenuous objections by local residents, who have filed suit to block it. Perhaps thinking New York too upscale a venue for his cause, Reed has taken his case to the people via an appearance on NY1’s “The Road to City Hall.” Reed said in regard to “Bloomberg and real estate people” that “You can’t keep track of every last thing these thieves do,” and that to “store that much salt over water, over the apex of two parks is beyond irresponsible and these people ought to be jailed.” There’s the old Lou fire! Too bad Lester Bangs wasn’t around to do the interview.