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Alice Waters’ appearance on 60 Minutes was all over the blogosphere this week. Eat me daily had one of the most in-depth analyses of the segment, calling it a “missed opportunity” on Waters’ part to show how to eat organic and sustainable on a budget.
[Eat me daily]

After the second episode of NBC’s The Chopping Block, in which Vogue‘s Jeffrey Steingarten ripped cheftestants a new one, Serious Eats posed the question, “Who Should Be on Reality TV: White, Steingarten, or Ramsay?”
[Serious Eats]

Brooklyn food blogger Eat. Drink. Memory. called for readers to invest in the restaurant Delicious on the Slope, “a nice neighborhood place run by a lovely man who has invested more than simply money and time in the business.”
[via via Grub Street]

Eater posted a roundup of reactions to the new Fatty Crab UWS, including this quote from Robert Sietsema: “The [Fatty Dog] was dressed like a Chicago red hot with rabies, featuring hot pickled chiles, pickled radish discs, and a French aioli.”

Corby Kummer posted that Starbucks food scientists have found that mixing Parmesan into the egg in their new breakfast sandwich prevents the smell of egg being transferred to the coffee when the two are packaged into takeout bag.
[The Atlantic Food Channel]

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