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YouTube Treasure: The Trojan Vibrating Touch Commercial | Village Voice


YouTube Treasure: The Trojan Vibrating Touch Commercial


As a gay man, I long to expand my horizons and learn about women’s vaginal gratification. Not. But I have no choice! This commercial for Trojan Vibrating Touch–a fingertip massager that ladies put on their digits to make their vajajay’s buzz–is on TV all the time, and I can’t escape it any more than those horrifying ads for Extenze or for Sally Field‘s posture!

This one has two horny women murmuring about the rather intimate product in some office–a gynecologist’s, no doubt–as an older broad receptionist listens in on the whole thing before putting in her two vaginal cents about where to get it. The cute way they discuss this low-end clit prober so casually is absolutely appalling! Vagina talk in public must be stopped at any cost! Still, I’d like to get one. To tickle my gerbil!

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