At the Greenmarket: Flowers, Kimchi


The Greenmarket is like the weather right now–it might technically be spring; the sunny blue sky might look like spring; but outside it still feels like winter. Likewise, the Greenmarket is looking beautiful, with bushels of tulips and other spring blooms. But the edibles are still wintery: root vegetables, wintered-over apples, greens.

Luckily, when you’re tired of parsnips and kale, D & J Organic Farm always has something interesting to sample. A few weeks ago, I discovered their delicious beet kimchi, and this week I picked up their curried radish pickle–daikon pickled in vinegar and sweetish, Japanese-style curry powder, with a few red chiles thrown in for good measure. At $4 per container, it’s not cheap, but sometimes good stuff is worth it.



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