Food Bloggers Rock SXSW


Now that everyone and his mother has a food blog, it comes as little surprise that the talk of the SXSW Interactive Festival this year was food. SXSWi hosted its first ever panel on the secrets of successful food blogging, featuring speakers from Cupcakes Take the Cake and Midtown Lunch.

Real sugar is back in favor as food companies have started shunning increasingly unpopular high-fructose corn syrup, even though many scientists still say the two are equally harmful in excess.
[NY Times]

A national survey of some 3,000 adults found that more Americans are getting their caffeine fixes at home. The poll also showed a decline in gourmet coffee and fancy espresso drinks.

A number of drug companies may support the proposal to split the FDA, which would allow them to speed up new drug approvals without being distracted by food-safety snafus, such as the recent mass recall due to salmonella found in peanut products.
[AP via Google]

Mark Bittman reminds readers that “the word [organic] is not synonymous with ‘safe,’ ‘healthy, ‘fair’ or even necessarily ‘good,'” urging them to opt for real, local foods rather than processed items or fruits from other hemispheres.
[NY Times]


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