New Anti-Murphy Ad: “Liberal Democrat” Loves Terrorists


Wow, Scott Murphy must be polling better than we thought. The Our Country Deserves Better PAC just did this radio ad denouncing the Democratic candidate for Congress, in which Marine Mom Deborah Johns, after a lovely intro with soothing piano music, tells us she’s “furious with Murphy, the liberal Democrat candidate for Congress.” Crash! The chords turn sinister. Johns is furious, first, because years ago Murphy was an “anti-military activist fighting to keep the military’s ROTC program off the Harvard campus,” a story National Review has been promoting. Then she tells us Murphy wants to close Gitmo, just like Barry Osama, “even though some of those terrorists would likely be released here on American soil” (Why not “because some of those terrorists” etc? Might’s well go whole hog.) And Murphy “opposes the death penalty for terrorists, even those who orchestrated the horrific 9/11 attacks” and wants to buy them ice cream. In the end we are reminded that Scott Murphy is a liberal Democrat. We have to hand it to Tedisco — oops, sorry, this independent PAC: While Murphy’s been accusing Tedisco of being “just another politician,” like it was still about Change, Our Country Deserves Better has taken it straight to old-school Democrats Love Osama territory. Are they still going for this stuff in the suburbs? We’ll find out March 31.

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