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But really, everyone’s a winner.

New York, what a town. We’ve got the Tonys, and sometimes the Emmys and Grammys, and the U.S. Pole Dance Championships, and now, just this past weekend, The Hookies — awards for male escorts presented this weekend at Splash Bar. Our own Michael Musto presented an award; you’ll never guess which one. Ridiculously NSFW coverage here.

On the het tip, no pictures but plenty of prose poetry in this Craiglist casting call for the music video “I Wanna Be Your Thong” (“You must be willing to T-bag and bottom from the top and dance experience is a plus”).

A yogurt drink that acts like a “vaccine” against ulcers? Great! We’ll take one with Kahlua.

The Time 100 Most Influential People of 2009 voting page features the most unflattering picture of Barack Obama yet. Further proof of liberal bias!

FDA clears Eli Lilly drug to treat heretofore treatment-resistant depression. Great! We’ll take one with Kahlua, and a Cinnabon.

We were wondering when the first I-hain’t-de-voluted-fum-no-monkey controversy of 2009 would get going. Thanks, Texas Board of Education!


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