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What’s Your Favorite Urban Myth?


I adore urban myths–you know, those tawdry tales that we all whispered to each other in school decades ago (or at work yesterday), repeating them and elaborating them so many times that they became ingrained into our cerebellums as wicked truths.

So which one was your fave:

*Richard Gere doing a private dance with a foxy gerbil?

*Rod Stewart having to get his stomach pumped because he’d sucked off 17 sailors?

*Music mogul David Geffen marrying Keanu Reeves in a private ceremony I wasn’t invited to (though the gerbil was there)?

*Oprah planning a press conference to announce she’s a big lesbo?

*Or…well, YOU tell ME. What’s the best falsehood that YOU believed and still sometimes wonder about?

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