Who’s The Dumbest Celebrity?


I once blogged about which stars were the smartest and came up with a miraculous bunch of people who’d clawed their way to the top half naked, yet were still quite brilliant deep down inside. But who’s the dumbest? Help me decide which famous people are so moronic they sit on the TV and watch the sofa.

Kindly leave out my girl Rihanna, who’s had enough problems, thank you. Do you hear me? If anyone even mentions her name, I’ll personally come over to their house and beat them senseless.

And let’s not include Paris Hilton either, if you don’t mind. No one who makes that much money in that many media (and outfits) can exactly be labeled dumb–and if you haven’t figured that out by now, you’re [insert politically correct word for mentally challenged]!

So who ARE the dumbest celebs? Huh? {Said while picking my nose]

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