James Beard Smiles on New York


Bad new for carnivores: a recent study by the National Cancer Institute says that the more red meat and processed meat you eat, the higher your overall risk of death from all causes, including heart disease and cancer.

The James Beard Award nominations are out. New York establishments on the list include Corton, Momofuku Ko and Scarpetta for best new restaurant, as well as outstanding nods for Babbo and Jean Georges,
[NY Times]

A family farm in Britain is one of the country’s first to power its operations using biogas. By trapping methane emissions, such as the toxic fumes emitted from pigs, and burning them to produce electricity, the greenhouse gases never reach the atmosphere.

Anthony Bourdain tells National Restaurant News about his new book coming out next year. The post-Kitchen Confidential effort will look at how the industry has changed since Bourdain manned the kitchen at Les Halles.
[National Restaurant News via Grub Street]


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