Monserrate Loses Chairmanship, Says Attack was “Accident”


State Senator Hiram Monserrate, who was indicted yesterday for attacking his girlfriend with glass (either a “slashing” or a “beating,” depending on how you read it), will be allowed to keep his seat — until he is thrown in prison, at least — but has been been removed from the chairmanship of the senate consumer affairs committee. He will also lose his $12,500 chairmanship stipend. GOP senators say this doesn’t go far enough and that Monserrate’s continued presence in the chamber is “a betrayal of abused women everywhere.” Monserrate says he won’t plead out the charges (though senator Martin Golden points out that it probably wouldn’t keep Monserrate from losing his seat anyway). “My girlfriend said it was an accident,” Monserrate said, “and we look forward to the dismissal of these charges based on the truth.”