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Quick Hits – 3/24/2009


If you can’t get enough Ashton Kutcher from movies, TV, Twitter, etc., you can also stalk him via QUIK, a video-streaming service. “I happened to catch him broadcasting live from southern France while people were making live comments,” says the OMG Blog.

You can go far pretending to be someone famous on Twitter — perhaps to jail: the Austin PD has shut down a Twitter account that pretended to be official police business, including fake activities and stats.

“I am willing to marry a girl looking for a Permanent Green Card for FREE, provided that she’s very attractive… I’d like someone beautiful to look at each day.” Heads up, girls — he’s a lawyer. And probably impotent.

AsiaOne recommends foreign travelers to visit Union Square and take in its lovely palm trees.

Christine Quinn and Tony Avella had perfect attendance in the city council sessions last year. Worst record? The Bronx’s Maria Baez, at 47 percent.

Want to sing the National Anthem for the Staten Island Yanks? Here’s your chance.



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