The Top Rock Stars on Drugs!


Light up your bong and prepare for some invaluable rock-stars-on-drugs honors, courtesy of a new book called Everybody Must Get Stoned by R. U. Sirius:

The top rock star (of all time) on speed is Lou Reed. Says the book, “He went nuts on methamphetamine during the 1970s.”

The top dead rock star on drugs is Gram Parsons, who mixed Southern Comfort with morphine and maybe heroin–for the last time.

The top “amazing dope couple” was Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg. “They set the mold for druggy rock mysticism.”

The top rock star on heroin is Johnny Thunders from The Heartbreakers. He immortally said, “I take smack because I enjoy it.”

And the number one “rock star on whatever” is Amy Winehouse Duh.