Timberlake Hawks Tequila


This week in booze news…

Justin Timberlake tossed his designer fedora into the ring of celebrities with their own spirits brands with his newly launched 901 tequila. The number is supposed to signify the beginning of party time but also happens to be the area code for Memphis, JT’s hometown.

Time Out takes a look at cask ales, crafted beers that contain live yeasts for extra bubbles and complexity, and visits 40 bars around town that serve such zesty pints.

The Flip ‘N Drink is the latest iPhone cocktail app making the rounds. It has a huge database of drink recipes and, although you’ll find an Appletini in there, that particular breed of cocktail is kept to a minimum.
[The Pegu Blog]

Some liquor stores support the proposal to allow supermarkets to sell wine, which would result in increased competition. The catch? They want to be able to add cheese and other snacks to their inventory. Wine for cheese seems like a fair trade.
[NY Times]

Tomorrow night, don’t miss one of our favorite wine importers, Jenny & Francois at one of our favorite wine bars, Ten Bells on the LES, where they’ll be introducing patrons to natural winemaker Denis Deschamps from Estezargues.

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