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Woman Cuffs Man to Encourage Pillow Talk


Our old hometown of Bridgeport is back in the news. Let’s see what it is this time. The New York Post says an estranged husband fell asleep with his estranged wife — no red flags so far — and woke up to find himself handcuffed to her. Apparently role-play was not involved, as least so far as we understand the term: the woman, Helen Sun (pictured), says she wanted her ex-husband, proud son of Bridgeport Robert Drawbough, to stick around so they could talk. Drawbough instead chose to talk to the police, and as he did so Sun switched to non-verbal communication, biting him on the arms and chest. The local paper has a fuller report: Sun is said to have bought the cuffs from a private investigator she’d hired to tail him, but she denies this, saying she got them off the internet like normal people. She’s out on bail and directed to leave Drawbough alone. Oh, and this all happened one town over, in Fairfield. The honor of Bridgeport, such as it is, has been saved.



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