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While some may be plotting ugly deaths for the suits on Wall Street, the playful kids of Newmindspace, who create interactive public art, are taking a far more pacifist approach to dealing with “bonus rage”: This year, they’ve decided to move their annual Pillow Fight from Union Square to the Financial District. Bring a soft pillow and whack away your anger by swinging at your fellow pillow-fighting comrades—as well as any unlucky bank executives who might cross your path. There might also be a gazillion dollars (in fake cash, that is) flowing among the feathers. Once you’ve had your fill of pillow pounding, head over to Greenpoint for the after-party—where pillows aren’t required, but pajamas are recommended. Fight starts at 3, Wall Street,, free; Whack Pillow Fight After-party at 9, Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, 73 West Street, Brooklyn, $15–$20

Sat., April 4, 3 p.m., 2009

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