Be a Jets Dancer! Auditions Announced


Ladies: need a job? Like to dance? Relax, we’re not talking about a skeevy dance video — this one’s class all the way. Today New York’s second-favorite NFL team announced auditions for the Jets Flight Crew cheerleading squad. You just have to be 18, and available for games, two or three rehearsals a week, and “promotional appearances” — including fan photo sessions, and New York’s are some of the most dancer-appreciative fans this side of a maximum security prison (like this cowboy: “I think I’d like to get rough on the field with these ladies on a few downs”). Turn in your application by April 29th, and you’ll be summoned to Farleigh Dickinson University on May 2 to “freestyle dance in groups of five in front of the panel of judges.” You get to keep any tips! And fellas, if you need a job, you just might have a chance, too. Photo via On 205th.

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