New York



Fasten your seatbelts—the lovely ladies Gemini and Scorpio, whose Russian-bathhouse dance party was included in our Best of New York issue in 2006, have teamed up with curator Leo Kuelbs to take you on an intergalactic trip. Inspired by the theme of flight, their video-art party Luminous Flux is three days of installations, live multimedia performances, and VJ sets, with more than 30 artists presenting work in four showcases. Friday’s showcase, “Fearless Flux,” focuses on experimental multimedia performances; Saturday night’s “Space Flux” is a space-themed costume party to celebrate the anniversary of the first man in space; and Sunday features the kid-friendly “Family Flux” and the Luminous Flux Artist Party, with an artists’ reception and a “live video mixing playground.”

April 3-5, 2009

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