Brian Jonestown Massacre


Should today’s Brian Jonestown Massacre show actually occur, expect frontman Anton Newcombe to court as much drama as Lauren Conrad. After all, this San Fran neo-psychedelic group, formed in the early ’90s, are known for hosting a rotating roster of musicians who are spurned and punched at will by drug-addled diva Newcombe (as beautifully depicted in 2004’s doc Dig!). Though 2008’s My Bloody Underground was a half-baked attempt to rekindle the hazy lushness of tracks such as “If Love Is The Drug (Then I Want To OD)” that once made BJM’s “keep music evil” mandate so refreshing, a show’s no fun until someone loses an eye. By a broken beer bottle. With the Asteroid #4.

Wed., April 1, 8 p.m., 2009