New York

Council to Consider Mandatory “Bandit Barriers” for Banks


In response to the increased number of bank robberies around these parts — “jumping as much as 57% in the last year by some accounts,” says the release — councilmember Oliver Koppell will introduce legislation requiring banks to install bullet-proof “bandit barriers” that “meet a heightened standard and prevent breaching.” The bill meets the approval of police commissioner Ray Kelly, who has been limited in his anti-bank-job efforts to telling banks to be more careful and, of course, sending cops in afterwards. It seems like a good idea — we can’t expect all the robbers to announce themselves with their dye-stained clothes like Kevin McQuade, or to be as inept as Ray Pagliarulo — but the New York Bankers Association would rather the city let banks “tailor” their own security. But these days America’s all about protecting banks whether they want it or not.