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Danny Meyer Serves Fancy-Schmancy Food at Citi Field | Village Voice


Danny Meyer Serves Fancy-Schmancy Food at Citi Field


Last year you paid $5.75 for a hot dog and $8 for a beer at Shea. What will these cost at Citi Field? Well, the dogs will be from Nathan’s, which is nice, but how much? Noted restauranteur Danny Meyer will sell you “Kosher hot dogs coated in matzo meal with brown mustard for $11.” Thanks, pal; now how much for a plain old-fashioned hot dog? If the gentleman finds it too expensive, he can get a pulled-pork sandwich on a brioche bun for $9… Look: how the fuck much for a motherfucking hot dog? The Times article on the Mets’ new haute cuisine doesn’t say. They won’t tell you how much a fucking beer is, either, though Jeff Wilpon says “there will be more types of beer, and more places to buy it.” Thanks a lot, asshole. We can’t afford to go to goddamned Citi Field anyway. Maybe it’s time to start reading novels again.

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