Dark Days, Press-Wise, for Atlantic Yards


As Ward Harkavy pointed out this morning, Atlantic Yards architect Frank Gehry’s admission in regard to the project (“I don’t think it’s going to happen”) must chap developer Bruce Ratner’s ass, despite Gehry’s walkback. Project foes such as Atlantic Yards Report are emboldened; today AYR strangely, contentiously interviews Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman and asks if he agrees with his contention that the paper’s (very fine) coverage of Atlantic Yards “has tailed off somewhat.” “Whether I agree with your observation or not, you have been stating it as fact around town, which disturbs me,” says Kuntzman, who denies the charge and says BP‘s Atlantic Yards coverage will not change under the new ownership of Ratner-friendly Rupert Murdoch. Meanwhile the Daily News refers to the project as “trapped in limbo” and “dormant,” and NY1 says Ratner is “struggling to raise cash for the project.” Negative perceptions aren’t everything, especially when big money and high-powered interests are pulling the other way, but this can’t be helping the boosterism that long animated the project.

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