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Eisa Davis will provoke jealousy in all but the best-adjusted of stage professionals. In addition to her Pulitzer nomination, the staggeringly lovely playwright has won acclaim for her acting, singing, songwriting, and musicianship. And, apparently, she can dance, too: In her latest play, Angela’s Mixtape, she’ll reveal several of these talents and the women who inspired them. Davis styles her autobiographical show as a “musical memoir,” which centers on her girlhood in Berkeley and Oakland, California, and her relationship with her aunt, the famed activist Angela Davis (played by Linda Powell, daughter of Colin Powell). If this family reminiscence sounds at all soporific, Davis warns in the script’s introduction, “The pace rarely, if ever, drops below 100 beats per minute.”

Mondays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 6. Continues through May 2, 2009

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