Is LeAnn Rimes’ Husband Gay?


Come on, tell me. Is the country singer’s hubby, Dean Sheremet, a big old ‘mo? I have no idea, seeing as he’s never sucked MY dick. But he WAS a dancer, he does seem to sport a certain gayface, and LeAnn was reportedly canoodling with Eddie Cibrian the other day, according to Us Weekly. (She denies it.) Plus that very same magazine even conducted a readers poll asking the immortal question “Is Dean Gay?” and 75% of the respondents said “Uh-huh.” I guess he sucked THEIR dicks.

Anyway, click here and read this blog by someone who feels Dean is not at all that way. His argument totally had me–until Dean’s cousin Pebbles called into a radio show saying she knows for a fact he IS a queen! But wait! Now LeAnn says she and Dean have never heard of no cousin named Pebbles and this is all just so much horseshit!

This is all getting confusing enough to turn me bi.

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