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Lance Armstrong’s Bad Break: “Bummer”


[Photo from Armstrong’s Twitter feed]

Lance Armstrong returned from Spain to Austin to have his own doctor look at his broken collarbone and got some bad news. “I guess it wasn’t such a ‘clean’ fracture after all. Bummer,” the cyclist wrote on his Twitter. The clavicle is apparently broken into several pieces, and he’ll need to have a plate installed.

He also used the feed to post a photo of himself about to go into surgery this morning.

But he told that he’s still optimistic about making it to the Giro d’Italia in May.

“The Giro is obviously on people’s minds, and that’s about five weeks away…In my opinion I still think the Giro is very doable,” he said.

UPDATE: The latest tweet from Lance (actually written by his manager “Higs”): “All went well. Lance is in recovery. Same guy just 12 screws in his collarbone.”

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