Mary Gaitskill Reads From “Don’t Cry,” Confesses A Love For Trashy Romance


We emphatically co-sign Mary Gaitskill’s new story collection, Don’t Cry, and in particular the final story, after which the book was named. “Don’t Cry” is a new kind of story for Gaitskill, one that feels older and stranger and more deeply, intelligently felt than anything previous in an already very empathic body of work. Today, Slate posts a video of Gaitskill reading from the story, along with a brief interview conducted by Deborah Landau, of the NYU Creative Writing Program, and Slate’s own Meghan O’Rourke. Gaitskill also amusingly confesses to have been strongly influenced, early on, by a “really awful book called The Rich and the Righteous,” which she describes as “kind of like Dallas: Rich Texans screwing, fucking and fighting and scheming and making money.” Which, if you take out the locale and money part, might serve nicely to describe Gaitskill’s own writing.

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