New York

MTA Fare Hike All But Certain


The MTA’s Doomsday Budget, which raises all our fares and passed the finance committee Monday, is expected to be approved today. Transportation Alternatives is staging a “Call-a-Thon” this morning at Union Square to get citizens to ring the MTA and denounce the plan. Even Mayor Bloomberg had an awkward spasm of populism; “When you see what’s going to happen to your commuting costs,” he said, “you should call your state legislators and say, ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.'”

Of course he seemed piqued rather than mad, but when you can pay to have people killed, you tend to lose your ability to feel or show actual outrage. No one really expects the hapless lawmakers in Albany to step up, so you might as well get ready to eat more ramen. Photo (cc) Runs With Scissors.


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