New Dinosaur Jr. Farm Cover Presently On Route to Saruman’s Castle


The slobby, scrawled, couch-and-legs motif on the cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s wildly great 2007 comeback album Beyond was, like the music contained therein, a hilariously accurate homage/send-up of the late ’80s SST aesthetic with which the band was then prominently associated. From artwork on, this was a record that promised to keep the faith, and it did.

A new Dinosaur Jr. record is forthcoming in June, awesomely called Farm; “I Don’t Wanna Go There,” the nostalgia-sparking, double-soloing first single, has been streaming on Pitchfork for weeks. Now comes the cover, a Lord of the Rings-checking psychedelic portrait of two Ents carrying three Dinosaur Jrs (our money is on Murph being the dude left to ride solo) across a colorfully smoking cityscape. How these guys have remained authentic pot-smoking bedroom weirdoes well into their 40s we have no idea, but this is a fantasy we will continue to get behind for as long as it lasts. [via Idolator]

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