New York

Tabloid Tragedy! Gossip Has Been Way Too Sad Lately


Almost as if reflecting the diminished state of the world at large, celebrity gossip has taken a turn for the deeply depressing. Gone is the public interest in the madcap antics of airheads and socialites. Instead, the last five months have had our communal eyes and ears focused on unspeakably sad stories like:

*The killing of Jennifer Hudson‘s family members

*The terrible death of Jett Travolta

*The awful fate of stars and even non-stars swindled out of millions by Bernie Madoff

*The purposeless beating of Rihanna

*And the lousy passing of a real actor, Natasha Richardson

In the midst of this darkness, something fun occasionally happens–like Britney getting caught saying, “My pussy is hanging out” or Obama joking about the Special Olympics–but that’s not nearly enough. Help us, oh gossip gods! Return us to the land of the trivial and upbeat!

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