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Under Review


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema and Sarah DiGregorio bring you Izakaya Week. They check out Rockmeisha in the West Village and Qoo Robata Bar in Williamsburg, respectively, for satisfying Japanese pub grub.

Bruni gives the new Bouley the same number of stars he gave the old Bouley – three – even though the food still isn’t on par with Per Se’s and the reservationist is testy.
[NY Times]

Meanwhile, TONY awards four out of a potential six stars to the revamped Bouley, citing pleasant appetizers and bold entrées, despite hour-long waits between courses.

Restaurant Girl drops in on Chez Lucienne, an “affordable” French bistro in Harlem, giving in two stars for its simple steaks and foie gras terrine.
[NY Daily News]

NY Mag says that the Manhattan outpost of Red Hook hero shop Defonte’s serves up sandwiches that are just as “titanic” as the ones in Brooklyn, giving it two stars.
[NY Magazine]


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