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Celebrity Art Dealer Indicted For $88 Million in Scams


Speaking of Law & Order, real life is increasingly resembling that show, in that our biggest crooks are turning out to be rich businessmen. Now the Times reports that art dealer Lawrence Salander of the Salander-O’Reilly Galleries has been indicted on 100 counts of grand larceny, forgery, perjury, etc. His pillagings are said to amount to over $88 million. Wealthy customers have been complaining for a while now that Salander hasn’t been paying his bills, and his patrons and investors have complained that Salander ripped them off. When Salander’s gallery went bankrupt, Salander nervily asked the bankruptcy judge to put him in charge of his own assets, and the D.A. got interested. Morgenthau is giving a press conference presently.


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