City Home to Another Archer with Crappy Aim


For the second time this month, an arrow has whizzed through city streets and landed somewhere unexpected. Fortunately, this one slammed into an aluminum-sided house in Queens, not a woman in the Bronx.

But the new incident was scary enough to cause Whitestone’s Eric Weinberger to call for his wife and kid to take cover when an arrow whizzed past his head as he was taking out the garbage: “Get out of here! Somebody just shot an arrow into the house!” he yelled.

The arrow was reportedly the kind used for hunting bears; three-feet long, with “a silver-colored tip and yellow and green feathers on the end.”

Weinberger said that if he’d been moving at a slower pace, the arrow would have gone through his head.

New York isn’t the only home to sloppy archery in recent months. Our favorite story comes from Sonoma County, in California, where a stray arrow pierced the roof of a Mazda Miata in the gay-resort town of Guerneville in January and “grazed” someone’s head inside. The attack led to a standoff with a SWAT team and ended when the cops fired tear gas into the suspect’s house, and entered with force only to find out no one was home.

There is, however, at least one woman in Texas with good aim.