Jadakiss, Raekwon Rap Over Rush, Call It “Cartel Gathering”


So, uh, obviously we weren’t the only ones who saw I Love You, Man last weekend. Behold, two of New York’s finest rapping over a mashed-out mutant Rush sample, Rudd-Siegel man-cave style. Let us now further curse the end of Blender, in whose name we would’ve heard Jadakiss’s record earlier today but whose sudden demise instead rendered us too depressed to go up and hear it anyway. Also, Jadakiss: “Yo, I ain’t a rockstar, but I get rock bread / Still in the GT, I’m in-the-drop head / I don’t want you to throw up, I want you to drop dead / Now can you picture me rolling, like Pac said?” We won’t pretend to have learned much more than this about the song in the 27 minutes since Nah Right posted it, but like one commenter over there said, “If this isnt dope, hiphop is dead.”

Raekwon & Jadakiss, “Cartel Gathering” [via Nah Right]

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