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Like the Sun, New York Unemployment Rises Again


We know you’re getting tired of hearing it, but knowledge is power, they tell us, so be aware that the state Department of Labor just put out new figures and guess what, everything’s worse. New York City’s unemployment rose from 6.9 in January to 8.1 in February. We seem to be tracking the national average pretty closely — which, once upon a time, would have been a good thing, but now not so much.

The highest rate among boroughs was that of The Bronx at 10.8 percent. But it could be worse — they could be in western New York’s Niagara County, which recorded 11.5 percent unemployment in February. (The city of Niagara Falls is at 13.4 percent unemployment.) Close behind were New York’s Wyoming County at 11.4 percent, Orleans at 11.0, and Allegany at 10.1. The state’s unemployment went from 7 percent to 7.8.

Oh, statewide “employee confidence” was down, too: only a third of workers thought it would be easy for them to find a job in February, which is 15 points lower than it was January.


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