Online-Only Magazine Wags Review Debuts, Interviews Wells Tower, Brian Evenson, Etc.


We direct your jaundiced attention to the Wags Review, where several of our recent literary preoccupations–Wells Tower, Brian Evenson, Mark Greif, and David Eggers–stand for interviews or otherwise contribute fiction, etc., to the online-only magazine’s first issue. Wag is for “Web-based magazine,” which is probably going to catch on about as well as UHB did. But as far as “revolutionizing online literature” goes–as their heated opening manifesto has it–we are not haters.

Evenson’s collaboration with photographer John Sellekaers, in the author’s traditionally hardboiled apocalyptic vein, is particularly good. The first piece, “One Last Drive,” responding to a photo of a car in a parking lot, begins:

    Later, when the oil reserves ran out, many of us took one last drive in our vehicles and then abandoned them where they died, slowly walking home or slowly plodding forward in whatever direction the car was pointing. Certain people began to think of themselves as their car’s spirit, straying farther and farther away from the deceased chassis, connected to it by a thin strand of thought, until they separated completely from it to become a sort of ghost.

Open-air urinals and deranged fathers also feature. [h/t the Observer]

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