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Quick Hits – 3/26/2009


Bookshelf, St. Luke’s Thrift Shop, West Village.

As the Depression birthed Monopoly, so the credit crisis has birthed Crunch: The Game for Utter Bankers. Use your Too Big To Fail card!

Gay sixth-grade teacher invites students to his commitment ceremony. Jesus freaks go nuts. One asks what would happen “if a secularist teacher in a school invited his or her students over to a ritual of initiation into becoming a Christian and invited his students to attend this.” Answer: What?

Oh boy. The “The 140 Characters Conference” is announced for New York, June 16-17 at New World Stages. Guess what it’s about? “Twitter continued to have a profound effect in a number of areas,” says organizer Jeff Pulver, who calls for speakers on Twitter and “Celebrity, ‘The Media’ and Advertising.”

Ha! The squares are threatening “sexting” teens with prison, but both the ACLU and the teens themselves are fighting back! Go, naked teens and enablers!

Also for the oversexed: a cooking site that tries really hard to be sexy.



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