Strange Snacks of the World: More Mexican Candy


Maybe I’m craving sugar because of the recession, but I’ll go with Mexican candy over Twizzlers and Kit Kats any day (try Pulparindo and see if you’re not a convert). Mexican confections tend to be more inventive (like a mango-shaped and flavored lollipop), but really it’s the spicy-sour-sweet flavors that make them so addictive.

Wandering around Sunset Park, I found a bakery (Panderia Mi Mexico Pequeno, 4513 Fifth Avenue) with a good selection of candies I hadn’t tried before. You can also find these candies at many bodegas or on

Like the inside of a Pixie Stix only better, Lucas Baby (packed in what looks like a baby bottle) is just a whole bunch of sour-sweet powder. This one is mango flavored, and I swear, it’s really, really good.


How could any lollipop be more exciting than one called called Rockaleta Diablo? The pop is layered–coated in a sticky chile powder-tamarind goop on the outside, followed by a sweet chile-flavored lollipop, with bubble gum in the core.

Only for those who like their gum with those weird gushy centers, this Bubbaloo gum (knock-off of Bubblelicious?) is sweet-tart tamarind flavored, the middle filled with spicy goop.


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