New York

The Best Headlines Evah!


I often dream up amazing headlines (and even subheads) and think, “Wow, that’s clever! If only there were a story to go with it!” So I simply keep the headlines on file just in case the proper cart comes along to be pulled by the horse.

For example:

If I ever have to write a review of a very thorough book about Monty Clift, my review’s title would be: The Full Monty

For an article about teens who hang out at a mall at night: A Mall and the Night Visitors

For a screenplay about a fag hag named Anne: Anne of the Thousand Gays

For a review of a reality show about Hooters:The Breast Years of Our Lives

And if Tim Roth ever bought a vineyard: The Grapes of Roth

Anyone want to give me these assignments?

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