What Was Plato’s Retreat Really Like?


In this week’s column, I talk about American Swing, a new documentary about the legendary ’70s sex club Plato’s Retreat. Well, I’ve now seen the movie twice and here’s the really shocking thing–it turns out the club was straight! Yes, you must believe me, it was a haven for rampant hetero sex! Breeders would file in (couples only) to “swing” around in the Mattress Room and in other locales, in order to lift up their genitals and spice up their marriages. It doesn’t even matter if gays were allowed or not–they weren’t interested!

According to the movie, the club’s centerpiece was a big pool which one one night was flanked by a circle of men jerking off and jizzing into the water as if in some bizarre Busby Berkeley spectacle.

Someone else recalls looking into the pool and seeing dozens of penises sticking out of it like torpedoes, which may have been where the name “flesh torpedo” was born.

And a fancy lady remembers being asked to join a group of eight lesbos in an orgy area, so she promptly did so and had a lip-smacking good time–and she really enjoyed the buffet too.

Celebs like Buck Henry and Melvin Van Peebles are interviewed about their appearances at Plato’s. I never made it, though–not interested!

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