A Ban On Mormon Marriage And Their “Religious Fascism”!


This had to happen! The Universal Free Church is calling for a national petition drive to allow gay marriage and to ban Mormon marriage! (That should even things out. Otherwise, the chapels will be way overbooked.) Like so many people out there, they feel the Mormons have a right to say whatever they want about gay marriage, but it’s absolutely fascistic and wrong for them to use their resources to force religious beliefs on everyone else while taking away existing rights.

Lately, I’ve been writing about how I don’t want gay marriage for myself and in fact I think the whole institution is awful, yet I’ll fight to the gay death for the right to indulge in it. Mormons–or ANYONE–who feel otherwise have not only incurred my wrath, but that of the UFC, which–if you move the U to the middle and then add a K, promises to FUCK with anyone who gets in the way of gay nuptials!

Read the release and you’ll see for yourself. And if you DO get married, think about booking the Universal Free Church.

Mary Cristos, leader of the new ‘Free’ religious denomination, said the UFC believes in ‘religious freedom and religious free speech for everyone, but religious fascism for no one.’

‘Mormons have every right to hate the idea of gay marriage. They’re welcome to find it detestable, abominable, a sin, whatever. That’s religious freedom.

‘Mormons also have every right to preach and speak out against gay marriage. That’s religious free speech.’

‘But Mormons don’t have the right to force their religious beliefs on everyone else by engineering and paying 20 million dollars for a secular voter initiative that stole the already existing right of gays to marry in California. That’s religious fascism.’ said Cristos.

‘Any time you use the tax-exempt wealth and political power of America’s religious majority to create any secular law that forces any religious belief on everyone else, that’s religious fascism. It’s evil, and it violates the ‘establishment clause’ of the First Amendment.’

Cristos said Mormon marriage should be banned ‘to protect the children’ and because of Mormons’ ‘subversive and un-American beliefs in tax fraud and religious fascism’.”

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