Earth Hour Still On; Right-Wingers Offer Snotty Alternative





As we mentioned earlier, tomorrow between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. more than a hundred cities around the world will dim some of their lights in observance of “Earth Hour,” the World Wildlife Fund’s climate-crisis awareness stunt. Even Roosevelt Island is on board! But some people aren’t: conservatives — who hate the environment and the “anti-man, anti-innovation” EH observance — will at the same time hold a “Human Achievement Hour,” according to a video from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Their clever idea is, if you don’t bother to turn your lights off — as few people will, including ourselves — they will consider you to have supported their rightwing agenda. Haw haw! That’ll show all those libtards! Sigh. You ever miss the days when these lunatics disappeared when you slammed the door in their faces?

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