Ethiopia Stops Coffee Flow


Only five out of 40 foods can be traced all the way through the supply chain, according to investigators from the Health and Human Services office. The faulty system could undermine our ability to solve a disease outbreak or bioterrorism attack.
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The Agriculture Department will dole out 200 million lbs of nonfat dry milk surpluses to domestic feeding programs to benefit low-income families and dairy farmers. The surplus will be used for processing or to barter for high-temperature milk, cheese and soups.

The CEO of the Food Bank of Western New York died March 24. Thomas Heine, a native of Buffalo, had been in the food industry for 40 years.
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Ethiopia has shut down six of its largest coffee bean exporters, suspending their licenses after Prime Minister Meles Zenawi accused them of illegally stockpiling beans until international prices rise.

Times are tough, and the U.S. beef industry is responding by promoting new, cheaper and previously unpopular cuts of beef, as well as pushing meat sales harder overseas.
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