Fox News Gets Mafia Guy to Call Democrats Mobsters, Traitors


In the immortal words of The Simpsons, “The Fox network has sunk to a new low.” Here are two Fox News bobbleheads getting mobster/author Michael Franzese to tell them that the Obama Administration is like a crime family. “What do you mean?” asks the female bobblehead. “Extortion?” “I mean just this desire to take control,” Franzese says. “Geithner wanting to exercise more control over business…” “Decide 90 percent of your bonuses belong to him?” asks the male bobble; Franzese agrees, says Geithner is an “underboss,” and Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi are like two mobsters “that Obama’s kind of stuck with to appease the rest of the family… To me it’s scary,” Franzese adds, because “I want less government intervention in my life.” (One wonders why he cooperated with those nanny-state Federal agents and prosecutors.)

Weirder still, Franzese paints George Soros as the Obama Mob’s Mr. Big (“He’s got the money, he funds a lot of those groups”). The bobbles then start to talk about how Franzese has lived under death threats, and Franzese tales the bait: “George Soros, to me, he’s the guy you got to be concerned with –” “And here’s the scary thing!” says the male bobble. “He’s made money during this global downturn — he came out of retirement ’cause he predicted it — I don’t know if he orchestrated it –” The mobster agrees, talks about how patriotic he and the good kind of organized crime murderers are, then cryptically asserts, “I recall after 9/11 [Soros] did some damage on Wall Street…”

The bobbles then hustle him off before he can start telling us about Soros being a Jew and an Illuminatus.


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