Grizzly Bear and Micachu Banter on Video: Mica Levi Still Looks Like the Kid Flashback Version of Cate Blanchett’s Bob Dylan


This might’ve worked better as an edited Q&A so we all didn’t have to sit through the sunburned asides, but this videotaped conversation between Grizzly Bear’s Christopher Taylor and Ed Droste and Micachu and the Shapes is still a pretty neat little peek into the playful dynamics of this 15-month-old British band. Jewellry, Micachu’s excellent debut on Rough Trade, seems like the product of someone whose inspiration and experimentation are totally on fire–and that’s consistent with what Mica (Meeka) says here about the constant need to make things, even on the road, even if it’s just scribbling in public and looking like a weirdo. “You just have to go over the fact that you might feel like a dickhead if you’re just standing there writing something down because you’re in front of people, but . . . who cares?”

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